We’re Amanda and Bec, Founders of JOI – Jump. On. In.

We are busty women who have been frustrated for far too long at not being able to get the support we need to actively and comfortably participate in all the activities we love. So, 12 months ago, from our homes on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, we created JOI.

The idea was simple – create a High Impact Aquatic Sports Bra that would support women in pursuit of physical activity on land, in water (or both), while looking great.

We set ourselves a challenge; try as many swimmers, sports bras, crops, tanks, bralettes we could get our boobs in. We worked out what elements work for an ample bosom and what doesn’t. Then we called in the experts to help us design, sample and make our products. 

And because we didn’t want “the girls” to have all the fun, we expanded our range and created leggings, bike shorts, shorty shorts and bikini briefs too. They’ll keep your butts covered, compressed and have you feeling tremendous. 

Boobs should never hold you back, so we’ll hold you up and in.

What are you waiting for ... Jump. On. In!